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As you explore our unique range of engaging, highly-crafted interactive children’s play products, come on a journey to understand the very special women behind their creation.

Our products are not just delightful; they are the means through which we help provide a woman’s livelihood, encourage her self-esteem and grow her capacity towards economic independence.

Bright Solutions embraces women living on society’s “edge”.  Come into a world of color that sheds rays of hope towards a brighter and empowered future.


Family Finger Puppets
Family Finger Puppets



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Our Women

Challenging Poverty. Empowering Women in Vietnam.

Women having worked at Bright Solutions recognize they have a new vision to life…  “We can earn by ourselves and people look up at us. We can share [our personal stories] with the boss and co-workers and that has comforted us. We are proud to settle our life and people respect us”.

Bright Solutions is about the women behind the products.

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