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Tree Counting Play Chart

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The fold out Tree Counting Book is one from our very popular Activity Book Range!

Its colorful mat attracts any child with a variety of stimulating activities from matching animals to their habitats, hiding them behind leaves, to counting and classifying animal groups.

A lovely little bag stores all the small animals and can be fully detached. The mat folds up into a compact carry book with soft handles and tie. Includes 15 assorted animal pieces.

All books in this range are designed for children to gain familiarity with real life experiences, spatial concepts, hand-eye coordination, early literacy and numeracy concepts as well as enrich vocabulary and storytelling.

A valuable way to engage early learners in independent play; a much richer resource when shared with an older person or adult.

  • Caution: small parts
  • Not recommended for children under 3 years of age

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Tips on how to use

Bright Solutions’ products are designed as learning enrichment tools through play. Below are some suggestions to stimulate language development, storytelling, experience early literacy and numeracy concepts, to foster a love of books and reading.

  • Counting/Numbers: number recognition, count animals individually or in groups, number sequencing and ordering, separate into groups, pre-multiplication and division skills …
  • Spatial Concepts: up/down, in/out, behind/in front of, over/under, on/off… Where is the … ? Who’s hiding behind the flower?
  • Vocabulary: colors, nature, tree features, animals
  • Exploration: use the book as a stimulus for a garden search!
  • Classification: compare and contrast insects, birds & animals …
  • Fine-motor coordination: Put animals in/out of pockets, open/close pocket bag, tie cord…

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