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ABC Book


Introducing our Latest Play Book, packed with detail, educational value and learning through play and interaction. Included in each book is a set of enchanting handcrafted pieces, engaging children in multiple stages of skill development. Creative, challenging, delightful, motivational, the ABC book teaches children phonetics, the alphabet, vocabulary, pre-reading and reading skills as well as spatial concepts, hand-eye coordination and manipulation.

This is a rich resource for young learners developing independence. Shared with an older person, it can be a wonderful stimulus for discussion and imagination!

  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Designed, resourced and handcrafted locally in Vietnam.
  • All prices quoted in $AUD.
  • Includes Postage & Handling.

Additional information

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20 x 18 cm

Design details

The complete English alphabet over 9 pages, pockets for holding pieces on each page. A main pocket to store all unsorted pieces. Ties and loops to close pocket and cover. 48 unique felt pieces.


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Tips on how to use

Bright Solutions’ products are designed as learning enrichment tools through play. Below are some suggestions to stimulate language development, storytelling, experience early literacy and numeracy concepts, to inspire and foster a love of reading and books.

Tips on How to Use your ABC Book

  • The alphabet letters are sequential on each page.  Encourage letter recognition in both lower and upper case by referring to them, ask your child to find a specific letter, identify differences.
  • Match the letter with its color.  Use capital letters from other resources to match with those in the book, and vice versa.
  • Identify each item in the pack by name.  If your child chooses a different name but its meaning is correct, recognize it and encourage your child to use it, but also introduce an alternative word for the item.  A great way to increase vocabulary!
  • Start with items your child already identifies, then slowly introduce new items by name over time.
  • Your child will love to play with the items separately.  Watch them as they play, drawing out their ideas and imaginations as they do.
  • As your child practices writing, choose an item and identify its first letter/first sound.  Find another with the same letter. Practice writing the word.
  • Build a vocabulary list at home and school. Review and use items in sentences to replace words.
  • NOTE: one of the most necessary skills to develop with this book is the packing up!  Young children need to be taught how to collect all pieces, check by counting/sorting, collating items and storing in their correct places. Due to the many pieces they can easily be misplaced if not checked each time. It may be tedious in the beginning but is one of the most useful strategies for young children to learn and develop. So persevere without doing it all yourself!

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