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Red Mini Transport Book


From our very popular Activity Book Range!

Bright and colorful, a smaller compact version with its own storage bag. Small in size but big on fun! Every page is full of exciting hands-on play and interaction.

These books are designed for children to learn and practice spatial concepts, hand-eye coordination and manipulation as well as vocabulary enrichment.

A valuable way to engage early learners in independent play; a much richer resource when shared with an older person or adult.

  • Suitable for all ages.
  • Designed, resourced and handcrafted locally in Vietnam.
  • All prices quoted in $AUD.
  • Includes Postage & Handling.

Tips on how to use

Bright Solutions’ products are designed as learning enrichment tools through play. Below are some suggestions to stimulate language development, storytelling, experience early literacy and numeracy concepts, to foster a love of books and reading.

Red Mini Transport Book

  • Different types of Transport: explore what, where, why, how.
  • Traffic Lights: awareness of colors, Stop, Get Ready, Go.
  • Boat/Plane/Car/Motorbike/Train: vocabulary enrichment of varieties of craft and purposes, tactile sensations, movable pieces explore comparative concepts of in/out, over/under, behind/in front, up/down, fast/slow …
  • Tip Truck: explore different trucks and loads they carry, empty and fill the truck …
  • Train: guess what’s in the tunnel, in/out, light/dark, shape awareness …

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